Find the Pain Relief You Desire with My Osteopathic Treatments in London

Chronic pain has a debilitating effect, and being free from pain can seem like an impossible dream. However, thanks to my osteopathic treatments, the solution may be closer than you think. I’m Paul Raw, a qualified osteopath who delivers a variety of osteopathic services to clients throughout London. Although best known for back and neck treatments, my osteopathy treatments are suitable for any condition, including:

Foot Pain – Knee Pain – Hand Pain – Headaches – Shoulder Pain – Changes in Posture – Changes Due to Weight Bearing (Such as Pregnancy)

Treatment involves assessing the mobility and ease of the joints and tissues, and attempting to ease tension and aid mobility through a variety of techniques. To gather information and feedback, I will talk to you throughout the treatment. Get in touch with me today to schedule an appointment.

Individually Planned Treatment

All treatment is highly individual. It depends on the type of pain and indeed how the person is experiencing it. People respond in different ways, and knowing how best to provide treatment depends on history, personality, and experience.

I believe the cause of pain is not just local to the area you are experiencing it in. As such, I may treat many different areas of the body that have contributed to the pain-causing symptoms. What’s more, I will also focus on how you can manage the condition in the longer term and attempt to effect change in function and metabolism. It may take one or, in chronic conditions, several treatments to do that. Most osteopaths have slightly different treatments methods, but this is just part of the holistic model I employ to aid recovery and achieve results.

Ideal for Sports Injuries

Whether you attend the gym on a regular basis or are a sporting professional and have suffered an injury, osteopathy helps with the healing process. It assists with sports injuries such as:

Ankle Sprains and Foot Strains – Knee Pain – Tennis or Golfer's Elbow – Shin Splints – Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff Injuries – Muscle, Ligament, and Tendon Injuries

Flexible Appointments

As I work where I live, I am fully flexible with appointment times. Early mornings and evenings are available to suit your needs, and I am also able to come to you within Kensington and Chelsea.

A Personal Service

My variety of excellent testimonials and repeat business compliments the personal service that I offer. With my one-to-one service, I offer you reassurance and peace of mind with effective osteopathic treatments. I am trained in the same way as doctors, and have the ability to recognise particular symptoms or pathologies and intervene with appropriate osteopathic treatment.

Your Initial Consultation

When you contact me for your initial assessment, your medical history will be discussed as well as the area that I need to examine, your suitability, and your symptoms. After some testing, I can then provide the treatment that will suit you best.

Contact me now to discover more about the osteopathic treatments and services I provide in London.

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